What is BUTOH?

  Koichi Tamano & his invisible troop=Harupin-Ha
  for the first recital, Hijikata choreographed Tamano.
  Photo by Eikoh Hosoe   Nagasu Kujira (Fin Whale) 1972.9.14398291_381951178546923_587120348_n

BUTOH is 20th century’s Japan original Performing Art.
Founder : Tatsumi HIJIKATA ( 1928~1986 )
Originally the form called ” ANKOKU BUTOH” direct translation is:
This darkness is inner space of our body, meditative space.
” In dancing,” says Koichi TAMANO, ” we aim at an internal space.
There is a cosmos within the cosmos, and energy is released from this inner microcosmos… The body is made into a flat surface, and the breeze blows through the internal organs….
It is a kind of poetry… You read the poem in your fashion, and add
you own definition, images of things wiggling and crawling on the ground, images of a hell which goes beyond everyday life, of angels who go beyond daily life.”

                       Translated by Donald Philippi