Dark Side of Butoh Workshop

Dark Side of BUTOH ~! Work Shop on April 6th 2:15~3:45PM in San Jose. $25

Hell might be more interesting than a Heaven,,,, Wow !

Luku of EarthChild Butoh teaches Basic Butoh Philosphy workshop based on Tamano-Hijikata method in San Jose, CA at @[375784319162817:844:LUMEN OBSCURA III 2013], April 6. Last day for online registration is tomorrow! Or pay at the door the day of (CASH ONLY please).<br />
More info:http://www.lumenobscura.com/workshops.php

Luku of EarthChild Butoh teaches Basic Butoh Philosphy workshop based on Tamano-Hijikata method in San Jose, CA at LUMEN OBSCURA III 2013, April 6. Last day for online registration is tomorrow! Or pay at the door the day of (CASH ONLY please).
More info:http://www.lumenobscura.com/workshops.php

Snake Patrick’s Night Oracle

Bare Bones Butoh presents Maureen Freehill & Earthchild & Hiroko Tamano

Sunday March 17@ Studio 210SmoothGreen-Snake-Bark1-300x215
3435 Cesar Chavez St and Valencia 12$





Maureen’s Travel Details:

http://www.butopia.net/momobutopia-bay-area-tour-march-2013/ https://www.facebook.com/events/269050036558972/?ref=2

Urge 2

” Urge 2 ”  Feb. 8th & 9th ,2013  @ The Garage 751 Bryant st. S.F.   8PM  20$ at door for advance discount contact: butohtama@gmail.com




We are happy to announce:


(Adventurous Shows for an Adventurous Audience)


Performances: Friday Dec 14, 2012, and Saturday, Dec 15, 2012 (mostly different line-up each night)

Both performances are at 8:00 pm

Studio 210
3435 Cesar Chavez St (at Valencia)
San Francisco, CA 94110

Studio 210 is located in the former Sears Building, inset from the corner of Cesar Chavez and Valencia Street. Accessible by: BART – 24th St Station; and MUNI – #12, #27, #14, #49. Plenty of on-street parking (although Cesar Chavez is still undergoing eternal construction, so please plan accordingly).

Performances: $5-$20 sliding scale. No one turned away for lack of funds.
Additional donations are graciously accepted and gratefully appreciated.

This time around, the performers are:

Both Shows: Ronnie Baker, Wolfgang Heinle, Martha Matsuda, Maria Moon, and Bob Webb

Friday Only: Christina Braun, Dasha Che, Mark Deutsch, Lila Ann Dodge, Dorine Hoeksema, Jochelle Perena, and Constance Taylor

Saturday Only: Special Guest Butoh Master Hiroko Tamano, Molly Barrons, Shelley Cook, John Doyle, Shoshana Green, Jennifer Gwirtz, Anastazia Louise, and Megan Nicely
Quite a line-up, wouldn’t you say? Should be a couple of VERY GOOD SHOWS!

Surprise guest artists may also be performing as well. There are often last minute additions (local, national, and international artists) to the programing, it’s that kind of show.


Bare Bones Butoh Presents is a performance Showcase for local, national, and International artists working in the fields of Butoh, Performance Art, Ritual Performance. and The Undefinable. It exists for artists to try out new material, show works in process, hone improvisational chops, and redo or revisit previous material. Bare Bones Butoh Showcases employ the grassroots ethic of working together to sustain an artistic culture. We are community building and performance all smushed together into two evenings.

Thanks, and we hope to see you there.

Further info:

Bob Webb



 BUTOH  is  20th century’s Japan original Performing Art.

  Founder :  Tatsumi HIJIKATA ( 1928~1986 )

  like  14th century Noh theater,  17th century Kabuki theater.

 Founder : ZEAMI     : OKUNI

 Originally the form called ” ANKOKU BUTOH” direct translation is:


      This darkness is  inner space of our body, meditative space.

 ” In dancing,” says Koichi TAMANO, ” we aim at an internal space.

There is a cosmos within the cosmos, and energy is released from this inner microcosmos… The body is made into a flat surface, and the breeze blows through the internal organs….

It is a kind of poetry…   You read the poem in your fashion, and add

 you own definition,  images of things wiggling and crawling on the ground, images of a hell which goes beyond everyday life, of angels who go beyond daily life.”